Wednesday, 25 September 2013

the upside of it..rebel with a cause,

The been lucky enough to be talking a lot with with Jenny and spending time with Josie.

Jenny at equinox told me she wished for me is 'when HD makes me fall that with  the  good karma I have  that I  bounce right back up'. Good one for the season of balance with my unbalanced body.

I am blessed with my girls...

Not allowed to be ditzy anymore Jenny told me. I told her can't help it (  too much stuff in the 60's )whoops always hidden behind . I am smart she told me so I have to believe that.
I did some really dumb things the other day so figured I could blame the HD ..I did.

Every night I think of all the things I am grateful for I never have  a self pity party . Jenny  told me I need to  no matter how I feel to make sure I walk an extra block or  walk a little faster so when there is a cure I'll be in good shape  for it. The hardest part of the day is morning I have to force myself to get up..very tired but what can I do ? Switch bodies with someone? Any volunteers out there?

The other day Josie ran in a race for HD a fundraiser on a trail in the cold and rain and she placed first! So proud ....I took pics.

2 things I  learned the hard way I shouldn't drink tea at my computer -the other is  not to  be walking  with a bowl of cereal ...Josie told me I need to be in a place with laminate floors she is right.

  The   gift of having  HD diagnosis means I know what I'm fighting..

Went to a HD support group  starting to get to know the people behind the diagnosis .

Still happy to have run away from asst  living and living with the Bonnie I will never ever go back again .. don't have enough energy to cook so  open a lot of tins of things and spend a lot of time at a deli  buying soup they make great soup ..also a lot of time at Blenz and Starbucks . Been  8 months I've been in this place it was the right choice ...

Had a great time with the kids last week Josie had a bonfire at her lot also went out with them for sushi (I hate sushi)..but it was fun to see them..

very lucky to have them and Jenny and Josie ..and friends and family... blessed

so peace love  to all  think that;s all for now
love kath

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